Desing, instalation, professional maintenance and regular cleaning of industrial ventialtion system.
Desing, construction, instalation and maintenance of heat recovery living space ventilation systems.
Maintenance, regular cleaning of supervision of industrial kitchen air dicts and air extractors.
Manintenance, regualr cleaning and supervision of kitchen ventilation systems, extractor hoods.
  • Construction and installation of ventilation systems from galvanized air ducts,
  • Construction and installation of ventilation systems from panel air ducts,
  • Desing of centilation systems, ventilation network
  • Desing, construction, installation of living room ventilation systems,
  • Kitchen extractor hoods, desing, installation, assembly,
  • Cold store dehumidifier, dryer, system desing, construction and installation.
  • Desing, constuction, installation of humification systems
  • Installation of new fansm ventilation equipment, air handlers.
  • Comfort ventilation, ventilation networks assembly installation,
  • Replacement of existing fans, ventilation equipment, air handlers.
  • Installation of chemical extraction ventilation networks (made of PP material),
  • Installation of stainless steel ventilation networks.